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VisualDreams is living up to the expectations

Mar 11, 2014 - VisualDreams is living up to the expectations of being one of Sweden’s hottest IT companies this year. Slam Dunk Basketball 2 reached 1 million downloads within 3 weeks and is without a doubt the most popular basketball game on the US App Store.


Mar 11, 2014 - Acclaimed rapper Murs launches innovative Hip Hop Trivia: Starring Murs gaming app for $0.99 on iPhone and iPad. The game launch comes off of the exciting announcement of Murs' signing to Tech N9ne's music label Strange Music. The game includes exclusive commentary from Murs who tests users on their knowledge of hip hop. This comprehensive trivia app is unlike anything else on the market and gives users with the highest scores the opportunity to win Murs merchandise coming soon!


Mar 11, 2014 - IMMANITAS ENTERTAINMENT GmbH, a globally operating publisher of high quality digital entertainment, is creating an end to the era of unflattering selfies with the launch of a free Android application called Sexy Selfie App. Now available for all Android devices, users will easily download the app and start snapping Sexy Selfies to post on any social media platform.

FlyCraft takes the 'Flappy' genre to the next level!

Mar 07, 2014 - The popular iPhone/iPad app FlyCraft has just pushed the 'Flappy' genre to another level by introducing a multiplayer mode in their latest update. FlyCraft is available for free from the App Store on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Legendary Wars Crosses Swords on Android

Mar 07, 2014 - The Award-winning Legendary Wars Delivers Strategy Defense Action and a Variety of Other Gameplay Types Across an Epic, Story-based Campaign

Yellow Bridge Software Releases Kwik Text for Android

Mar 06, 2014 - Kwik Text makes it easy to send predefined SMS/Text messages to your friends and family. It is very easy to add an entry, simply enter a name, phone number and message. Once entered a click on the entry on the main screen sends the test message.

Super Farter - Free Comedy Game

Mar 04, 2014 - The group Lambda Calc launched its debut iPhone/iPad game Super Farter. In this humorous game the player is situated in a nuclear-waste polluted environment. By collecting beans the player fills up his gas-o-meters so he can fly propelled by, well, farting.

Vex Puzzles, Sequel To Award Winning Vex Blocks, Out Now

Mar 03, 2014 - The sequel to the award winning mobile game, Vex Blocks, Vex Puzzles continues the Vex Blocks series offering 480 new puzzles and unique, puzzle creation tools.

Snappy Bird: The best clone available out there

Mar 01, 2014 - Digital Poke launches Snappy Bird which seems like the best available alternative out there. The app is available on Google Play with the Apple App Store version promised to debut soon. Snappy Bird is based on the in-famous gameplay of Flappy Bird and it seems that Digital Poke has nailed almost all of the aspects bang on. At the time of writing this Article, Snappy Bird was averaging 4.2 rating with 32 ratings on the Google Play Store.

Sing2Learn - A Smartphone App to Learn English

Mar 01, 2014 - Sing2Learn, an English learning app has been designed to help people learn English in a contemporary style and break free from the conventional, time-consuming styles of classroom learning. It is now available for download for iOS and Android users.

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